Artificial Vertical Garden Basic and Benefits

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Artificial vertical gardening is a gardening system where you take care of your artificial plants and arrange them horizontally instead of the arranging them in the usual landscape. 

The usual landscaping eats up too much garden spaces and can be challenging especially when you're not good at it. Below are the basics and benefits of artificial vertical gardening. 

BASIC of artificial gardening: 

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Required materials or tools – consists of pair of scissors, hammer, nails, joining tape/adhesive or Glue gun. 

A Space/wall This is where you hang your artificial plants.

Choice of Plants It could be green wall panels, artificial flowers, silk plants are available online.

Your frame or Panel   It’s where you put and arrange your artificial plants. You can use either a new or old frame.

Your design Your preferred arrangement. 


BENEFITS of artificial gardening: 

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Decoration - You can do your own artificial vertical gardening to beautify your own backyard and your office.

Easy Install - Can be installed anywhere as long as you have considered the basics.

Anywhere - Can be installed indoor or outdoor

Privacy - Gives you instant Privacy, especially if you will be doing the artificial vertical gardening using a wall.

Saves Spaces - Vertically arranged artificial plants does not just give you good ambience but also saves you more foot spaces.

No need to maintain - Does not consume or require watering.

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