5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Vertical Garden

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More and more people are engaging in artificial vertical gardening aside from its wow factor but for the love of craft and passion. There are 5 simple reasons why you should have an artificial vertical garden of your own. 
  1. Instant - Who said the word build and install are only for men's work? You can build your own vertical garden with the help of artificial plants. To start, of all you need to do is look for a wall to put these artificial plants. Next thing is your choice of frame or panel. Either a DIY box, something you bought from a store or used frame is good. Also consider a styrofoam or a durable panel that will strongly hold your artificial plants. Last but definitely not the least is your choice of artificial plants to perfect your vertical garden.  

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  1. Space saver/foot space - The old way of gardening consumes much of foot spaces as it requires use of massive landscape. But don't you know that artificial vertical gardening is one way of prettifying your space without sacrificing your foot space? Imagine your outdoor or your office being well groomed with these artificial vertical gardens and having more spaces to walk around? Saved space allows you to move around freely that can help you be more productive and efficient in your home or office. 

fake hedge plants

artificial hedge

  1. Visual appeal - We would always want to be presentable either at home or in workplace. Aside from the foot space it saves, artificial vertical gardens give you that stunning visual appeal that suits your home and workplace. Having your indoor or outdoor spaces prettified as it should be, it also gives you instant place for gatherings, celebrations or meetings. Artificial gardening gives you a party ready feel. 

fake vertical garden wall

vertical fake garden wall

  1. Instant Privacy - Artificial vertical gardening can give you instant privacy just by having a bare wall or fence ready to be decorated with artificial plants. Imagine your favorite space being used as your own sanctuary just by putting up something or just making a wall around it. You don’t have to go elsewhere to look for privacy where you can have it installed in your own backyard. 

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  1. Easy to Maintain - Artificial vertical garden is not hard to maintain as it only requires basic cleaning and does not require frequent maintenance or watering. It’s durability from rain and sun rays makes you use it longer and saves you money. 

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