Super Quality Artificial Hedges (DIY Fake Hedges)

If you think you need living plants to decorate the outdoors of your house, then you probably need to be made aware of the trend surrounding artificial greenery. Though people don’t have time for gardening, they still have an inclination towards these beautiful artificial hedges and plants. For such people, artificial hedges are the best options to consider.

You can use them to decorate your home's balcony or garden wall. Unlike a living green wall, you can bask in the beauty of these stunning artificial hedges throughout the year as it stays evergreen irrespective of the season or weather.

Investing in Forever Hedge’s artificial hedges would be a fruitful deal to save a lot of your time and money.

And just in case you want to buy artificial hedges, then we have a gorgeous collection for you! Our hedge panels are the best in quality and are available at a very affordable price. Explore our exclusive collection of artificial hedge walls and find the best one for you.

Let’s find a few other advantages here.

Easy installation
While natural hedges need time to grow and take shape, artificial hedges are installed within a matter of hours. As per World Of Hedges LTD, most real hedge plants take five years to grow to their full height, starkly contrasting our almost instant hedge walls.

Zero maintenance
Compared to their real counterparts, artificial hedges for outdoors require minimal maintenance. Unlike the real hedges, they don’t need the hefty irrigation nor have any brown patches complaints that arise without proper maintenance. And yet, artificial hedges maintain greenery and thickness all year round.

UV Treated for Australian conditions
Be it our Premium Buxus Artificial Hedge or any of the Artificial Boxwood Hedge, all our products are UV stable, and warranty covered to survive in harsh Australian weather. They are the perfect foliage to create a natural-looking, realistic outdoor hedge wall without risk of ruin. Our quality products are tried and tested, allowing you to purchase with peace of mind.

Compared to real hedges, there is no requirement for watering, weeds, soil and irrigation. Plus, no need to worry about dust accumulation; you can just clean the faux hedges with dampened clothes when needed. Our instant hedges come in a box and are shipped as a flat pack - easy to assemble.

Can be used anywhere – front yard, backyard, deck, balcony, indoors
If you don’t have the right environment for placing the hedge you’re looking for, then you may find your options severely restricted for planting natural greenery. But with our versatile range of UV-protected portable hedges, you can create your own aesthetic without limitations. Courtyards and backyards can often be scarce in greenery, but adding hedges to the area can create a beautiful visual impact.

Increased privacy and security
Our hedge walls provide instant privacy and boundary solutions with all the charm of lush greenery. These artificial hedges can help create privacy screens from neighbours or street traffic and can also be used to separate a large space into permanent or mobile smaller sections. Similarly, when the space is limited, and lighting can be a bit dark, green panels can bring a space to life, making small areas look more extensive rather than confined.

Choose Us to Buy Artificial Hedges Online in Australia

If you’re interested in a greener aesthetic for your interiors and exteriors, Forever Hedge’s collection of faux hedges has much to offer. Our artificial hedge panels are of excellent quality and are available at a very affordable price.

Explore our exclusive collection of artificial hedge walls for the residential, commercial area or event space. We have artificial green wall panels for every environment and budget. Our online store offers an array of wholesale DIY artificial hedges in different sizes to help you choose the right one.