Forever Hedge Story

Forever Hedge – A company that found its niche in high quality artificial plants.

Here at Forever Hedge we do things differently – we believe in transparency in all our dealings with you. If It wasn’t for our customers, we wouldn’t be around.

If you have come here looking for dirt cheap fake plants that you’ll chuck out in a few week’s time then you’re probably in the wrong place. If you are looking for stunning plants that your friends will envy and you can keep for years then READ ON.

Our mission is to reduce the number of unsightly areas in your home, business, community and outdoors by producing high quality products suited to their environment.

It all started back in year 2006, the first samples arrived in from a range of suppliers from across the globe and the pursuit for stunning vertical gardens begun.

We tested them in continuous heat, cut them, bent them, installed them and the removed them only to re-install them again. Over the coming months some samples failed miserably, others performed okay, and a few survived.

We scraped the poorly performing artificial green walls and ivy, put the ‘okay’ samples to one-side and continued the conversation with the artificial plant manufacturers that did really-well.

In Australia our sun is harsh, and our environment varies so much – we need something designed for Australia, not just a run of the mill product.

We worked with a laboratory, and supplier to refine the plastics, remove the toxins and enhance the UV protection. Forever Hedge was born.

Since then a number of players have come onto the market, offering products that look the same, however, their internal plastic composition simply means they won’t last. Maybe that’s a good thing (at least for them, as you’ll have to keep replacing them every few months).

We’d love you to buy more from us, however, if we can make a product that lasts then chances are you’ll be our best advocate for years to come.

Artificial Plants are like paint – they may all look the same in the tin, however, once they are on the wall and put to the test you’ll notice the difference.

The team at Forever Hedge has expertise in green wall installation, product sourcing, design, landscaping and renovations.

Don’t be tricked into using artificial plants, hedges and panels that will crack, fade and fall apart.

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