Installation Guide

How Artificial Vertical Gardens Work

  1. Order the desired number and dimension of hedge panels or vertical gardens to fit your wall, fence, or structure.
  2. Connect panels (if needed, they can be easily cut down to size using a pair of scissors).
  3. Staple, tie, screw or adhere panels to fence or wall, making sure to securely attach them.

It’s that easy.

In minutes, you’ll transform your property by creating a green wall that requires absolutely no maintenance and looks great 365 days of the year.


How To Install Artificial Hedges onto a Timber Fence


  1. Connect the panels together.
  2. Cut the panels to the exact size required/
  3. Staple the boxwood mat, or other hedge design or vertical garden directly onto the fence by securing the plastic matting to the surface.

How To Install Artificial Hedges onto a Metal Fence

  1. Attach timber beams horizontally to the fence, and vertically across the top (optional step to reduce screws into the fence).
  2. Attach the hedge panel or vertical garden to the timber beam, or directly into the fence using a screw and washer.
  3. Continue to join each panel and repeat step two ensuring to securely fasten your artificial hedge.

Please note that the timber can be attached at the top and bottom (using the capping) of the fence to avoid screws going through the metal and being exposed on the other side.

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