Benefits Of Artificial Hedges & Fake Green Walls

Artificial Hedging and Green Walls: Things This AMAZING Aren’t Supposed To Be This EASY!

Super realistic and long lasting artificial hedges in Melbourne and Australia.


Artificial hedges and fake green walls are the perfect choice if you want amazing foliage without the hassle of keeping it alive. Forever Hedge has been designed specifically with a focus on quality; so what do we mean by that?
Well let's be honest.
You could go and hunt around for the cheapest artificial hedges on the market, and save a few pennies, however, do you really want to be replacing, touching up and repairing a green wall every 6 months?
We certainly wouldn't want to! Your time is worth money.
Forever hedge believes in being transparent with our customers, so let us share some information about the fake plant and vertical garden market with you.
The products come from a mix of Chinese and Singapore (that's where the plastic comes from, well at least for the better quality plants) suppliers and are then made according to their client's demands.
We were offered several grades:
1. Cheap and 'hot sell' Hedges and Green Walls- popular with global chains that are all about turn over. These aren't designed for outdoors, feel tacky and will splinter after a while as the plastics fail.
2. Medium Grade Fake Hedges and Green Walls- Now this is where things get tricky. You may see panels identical to our ones, except one very important thing - the plastic composition varies. The product will look the same, however, it won't have a tri-mix of UV protectant within the plastic. Instead, they simply lay them on a conveyor belt and spray a coasting over the panels. 
Suppliers may tell you the panels are UV resistant, but quiet simply it will wash off and fail after 12 months or so.
3. High Grade Fake Hedges and Green Walls - This is where Forever Hedge comes in. We don't want to be dealing with angry customers (we love you all!), because that means you're upset and we simply don't want that. Our directions to the manufacturers were simple"
a) High Quality.
b) Long-lasting.
c) Environmentally friendly. 
What we got back was a tri-mix UV protected panel with UV protectors within the plastic and then sprayed. Yes, in all honesty this does cost more, but no where near as much as replacing your panels every 6 months or year.
If you have questions about this let us know, we'd love to shed light on the hedge industry.


Fake hedges compared to natural hedges:

  • DIY - super easy to install.
  • No-maintenance.
  • Won't die or wilt.
  • Specially treated to withstand severe weather and heat.
  • Easy modular clipping system - create any size you want.
  • No weeding, soil or dirt.
  • Hassle-free and long-lasting.

Use fake green wall panels to enhance:

  • Chain-link, wooden or mesh fences.
  • Brick, stone or masonry walls.
  • Sound barriers.
  • Unattractive are like generators, security posts or pillars. 
  • Any other flat surface – horizontal or vertical

Use artificial hedges in all sorts of places:

  • Backyards: decks, alfresco areas or balconies
  • Offices: dividers, reception areas or walk-ways
  • Commercial: building sites, landscaping, developments, and temporary fences.
  • Homes: front fences, side fences or your front-yard.