Topiary Balls

Artificial topiary balls are one of the classifications of artificial plant products made with greenery or flowers and constructed in specific shapes.

Compared with natural plants, fake topiary balls require no watering, pest control, or pruning and can stay fresh for a long time. Today’s artificial topiary balls and trees are well-designed and intricately painted to mimic natural plants and trees. Their neatly clipped shapes bring formality to any indoor or outdoor space.


Forever Hedge’s new line of artificial topiary is -

Made of durable plastic materials
Withstand weather and other damaging factors
UV stable to refrain from fading in the sun

These artificial topiary balls have significant advantages over live topiaries. Let’s talk about a few of them here.


Why Using Artificial Topiary Balls More Advantageous?

No Water Needed

A live topiary would require regular pruning and watering, so maintaining them is time-consuming. But artificial topiary is much easier to care for; they don’t need watering. Plus, it can bring beauty and brightness to your space without fading and shedding in harsh weather.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a natural plant is challenging and arduous. You don’t want its leaves to fall down, but you can clean the fake topiary ball whenever you like without worrying about damaging it. You neither have to worry about dust accumulation on the faux topiary. Just a little wipe-down now and then, and your fake topiary will continue to look perfect for years.

Look More Realistic

A good quality artificial topiary ball looks botanically realistic. You can quickly create a relaxing environment wherever you want and bring a luxurious feeling to the space.


Unlike live plants, artificial topiary balls don’t require any natural light to grow. This gives you more flexibility when decorating your room or any other place without worrying about the light or wind, yet you can add a green ornament.

Also, you don’t have to risk climbing high ladders to get to the top of the live topiary to spruce them up and keep them looking good. Replacing them with fake topiary will be advantageous here.

Different Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Place Using Topiary Balls

Topiary balls add elegance to any home and can be utilised in several different ways:

  • Vases: Put fake topiary balls into vases that go with your decor and use them as a table centrepiece or side tables. You can even place the vase on your bookshelf to bring a piece of greenery to the space.
  • Planters: Instead of typical indoor plants, use planters with larger topiary balls and place them on your balcony with dim lights. These will brighten the dark corners of your home and create a vibrant relaxing space.
  • Hanging: Hang the containers with faux climbing topiaries plants and add a piece of greenery to the specific location of your home.
  • Feature Wall: Mount these fake topiary balls on a feature wall to add a distinctive decor element to your house. It can serve as an excellent place to click photos during special events.
  • Herb Garden: Design a unique herb garden with artificial topiary balls of different sizes and uplift your outdoor area.
  • Event Decor: The topiary balls can be used as decorations for holidays like Christmas or Easter. Place them on the Christmas tree or the room walls to elevate the celebration.

The ideas for using these plants are endless. It is so easy to use these plants with any kind of style that you want, simply by changing the pot too. If you want an elegant look or just a country look for your offices or home, Forever Hedge has got all the solutions.

Whether you want a large green leaf Buxus Faulkner or Boxwood Topiary plant, we have you covered. Our collection also has single-ball and spiral artificial topiary trees to help you choose the perfect option for your space interior.

Our online store offers an array of vertical garden plant packs; contact us today if you want a fake vertical garden in your house or place of business.