Artificial Trees, Bamboo and Cypress

Whether you’re decorating your home, fence, balcony or wall, vertical gardens are the perfect solution.

Artificial trees in Australia have become one of the most popular decorative items in modern homes, offices, and yards due to their versatility that traditional real trees don’t offer. These natural-looking and high-quality faux plants add a touch of greenery to your living room, home office, or hallway.

The best part about them is that they don’t require care or special treatment other than the occasional dusting, unlike the traditional real trees. Modern-day indoor and outdoor artificial trees are UV-resistant and made of PVC materials that look almost like a fresh-cut plant.

Whether we are discussing artificial indoor trees, fake floor bamboo plants, or simple artificial ficus or cypress trees in Australia, faux plants have their share of benefits from natural plants.

Create a beautiful privacy barrier when things like drapes and blinds aren’t practical or viable.
Help freshen up the space without worrying if they are getting enough sunlight or water.
Require no fertilisation, spray chemicals or bugs, or soil to grow.

Artificial plants and trees have always been a safe way for home decor. If you want to add these artificial plants to your indoor or outdoor space in Australia, you have come to the right place.


Where to Use Artificial Plants in Australian Homes

Artificial Bamboo Plants for Privacy

Our artificial bamboo plants can be used in patios and balconies to make privacy screens for your home in Australia. A fake bamboo fence can be a great way of creating a natural-looking barrier.

You can also place bamboo plants before an existing fence to create additional interest in your landscaping. At the same time, if you have a damaged wall, placing tall faux bamboo trees in front of it will help disguise the eyesore.

If you want a sleek and modern look, house your artificial bamboo plants in minimalist rectangular planters or place them in groups of two or three side by side.

Ficus Trees for Indoor Use

Place these faux ficus trees in dark corners that don’t receive much or any natural light where real plants would suffer since these artificial trees have a zen feel to them.

You can quickly transform your indoor area into a relaxing space for meditation through these trees. But if you are going for an Asian-themed decor, artificial ficus trees with bushy leaves are the ones to add to your space.

Artificial Cypress Topiary to Revitalise Your Space

The artificial cypress tree is increasingly becoming popular among professional landscapers and interior designers for residences in Australia. These artificial cypress topiaries can give spaces a lot of drama, flair and intensity.

Suppose you go for an artificial cypress topiary shaped like a neat cone; in that case, they offer visual advantages for people who want to focus on unforgettable, striking, natural design schemes.

But if you want a potted plant that you can display in your living room at home, then invest in a UV-protected taller range of artificial cypress topiary. At the same time, the smaller artificial cypress topiary trees can be particularly beneficial for people who reside in apartments and smaller homes in general. 


Fake Palm Trees to Transform Your Garden

Move in a palm tree in your home garden and see what happens. They act as the centrepiece to beautify your garden.

More homeowners are creating indoor gardens from fake trees and plants, sometimes mixing real with faux in some exciting configurations for long-lasts effects at a single cost.

Why Choose Us

Low-quality, cheap faux trees will fall apart in storms. But our premium quality artificial plants and trees are built to last and ensure no damage in Australia's changing temperatures, climates, or weather conditions.

With our UV-resistant artificial plants, you can go anywhere without constantly worrying about your plants wilting away or slowly dying due to neglect.
Our weatherproof fake plants or trees can be quickly and easily installed onto nearly every surface as long as you have considered the basics.
Unlike the real ones, no frequent maintenance is required with our faux plants so that you can enjoy the full effect of nature with no minimal effort.

Apart from the above-mentioned artificial plants, if you want a fishtail palm tree, bushy artificial ficus tree, potted artificial magnolia, lemon tree or any other, we have you covered. All our artificial flowers, silk plants and trees are available online.